The lover of Ronaldo spoke about their initial encounter, sentiments, and emotions…

It ended up being a fatal encounter.

model, 29 years old Ronaldo, a 38-year-old famous football player, has selected Georgina as his partner. They have been a couple since 2016.

It was Ronaldo’s heyday, but the girl was only well-known to regulars who frequented the Gucci store, where she worked as a model.

For both of them, that day proved to be fatal. Ronaldo saw Georgina, who was working there at the time, when he entered the store to purchase some clothing.

Because he captured the girl’s heart right away, the model was embarrassed to even look at him. Ronaldo was perplexed as well, so he made the decision to wait for the model outside the shop so they could speak.

After that, they went out to eat together, and when the girl first gazed into his eyes, she fell in love with him.

She couldn’t help but show off her lovely smile as she was overjoyed to be his chosen one.

That turned into the start of their love tale. They have been together for six years and genuinely adore and respect one another.

Even though their family has recently faced several challenges, they continue to have many special moments.

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