Scarlett Johansson explains why she won’t use social platforms…

It appears that social media has been a part of our lives for a long time. Even those famous people who had previously declined to build their own personal pages were able to do so.

Nonetheless, some celebrities continue to vehemently reject this mode of fan interaction. One of them is Scarlett Johansson.

Despite the fact that the actress is well aware of the benefits of such platforms, she continues to use them.

In an interview, Scarlett once observed, “It’s basically an incredible instrument for sharing knowledge and increasing awareness about some things.

The famous person asserted that she had no particular need to engage in “branding her own name,” nonetheless. Moreover, Johansson acknowledged in a recent podcast that she has attempted to use social media but has had a negative experience.

I can do it, I’ll be honest. My head and my ego are both too delicate. I’m like a fragile flower,” the famous person insisted, ostensibly alluding to the level of unkindness present on social media.

Scarlett also thinks that social media can lead to a major addiction.

I’m using my mother’s phone like a three-year-old. I am very engrossed in this procedure,” the famous person joked.

She claims that after using one of the websites, she discovered herself 20 minutes later on the page of a total stranger.

“I started to understand that I had wasted time browsing a friend’s employee’s page. I learned that he had two daughters, a pit bull, and lived in Burbank after 20 minutes,” the celebrity recalled.

Yet, she claimed that because social media takes up too much time, this session irritated her.

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