Elon Musk is not the richest person anymore and it now is…

Elon Musk securely held the title of richest man in the world for a considerable amount of time.

But, the entrepreneur’s Forbes rating fell following all the Twitter hiccups, which was just posted on the publication’s official website.

Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, is currently ranked first. Only two of the 75 stylish cosmetics companies that make up this group are Sephora and Louis Vuitton. His net worth is currently estimated to be USD 211 billion.

Elon Musk’s wealth was $219 billion in 2022, but it is now only $180 billion.

By the way, the 51-year-old entrepreneur is now highly active on social media and frequently makes outrageous decisions that do not increase his favor among Americans.

Third place is reclaimed by Jeff Bezos. For the past year, his condition has also substantially deteriorated. He now only has $114 billion in assets, down from $171 billion in 2022.

But, this is not at all surprising considering the global economic issues. We don’t believe the billionaire is actually concerned about this, though.

Fourth spot belongs to Larry Ellison. He might be one of the select few business owners whose earnings have climbed rather than decreased.

Larry is the owner of Oracle, the biggest manufacturer of server hardware and software, and he also owns $107 billion.

Warren Buffett came up just a little short. We genuinely hope to see a movie about this man’s life at some point. The 92-year-old guy is referred to as Omaha’s Oracle.

He primarily made his money through investing. And this is one of history’s most prosperous investors.

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