Before he started painting canvases at the age of 3, he did not communicate or even look at his parents…

Scientific studies have shown that art is an effective therapy for overcoming some challenges in addition to being able to please even the most sensitive souls. Little Matthew Rosa, who is only 3 years old, is a living example of this.

Every morning as Matthew comes out of bed, he knocks on the door of what he calls “his area of art” and asks his parents, Mara Eduarda and Milton Rosa, to let him in.

For his parents, this request is nearly amazing because up until this point the child was unable to speak. Everything changed when he started interacting with the picture, and his parents want to talk about this.

“Art has changed how we live. Prior to this, Matthew remained silent, refused to make eye contact, accept being touched, or talk.

After painting, he is now able to communicate, play with the other kids, and follow directions, all of which are important for his growth, according to his mother Mara Eduarda. Around the age of 2 years and 9 months, Matthew began to paint.

However, I soon realized that he did not enjoy painting on paper. As a result, we decided to purchase a canvas, and he started painting at home, according to Maria Eduarda. The little child is still learning how to use brushes, and each day he begins new, more difficult tasks.

Since he draws inspiration for each of his creations, they have all evolved into vehicles for him to portray his worldview.

His smile alone conveys the miracle that art has performed in his life, in addition to the beauty of his creations. “Now, I can affirm that both Matthew’s and our lives depend on art.

He was terrified of people before he started creating these canvases. Eduarda concluded, “Today, despite his worries, he can achieve that, and I am certain that art was essential to this progress.

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