This lady tried to change her appearance to look like a real Barbie and here is what she looks like now…

These images of a real-life Barbie will astound you with her unusual appearance.

Meet Valeria, who has always loved Barbie dolls and yearned to look like one of them. She resembles Barbie so much that none of you will be able to look away. She did, however, appear quite different at first.

Valeria made the decision to get plastic surgery to resemble Barbie as closely as possible.

To entirely fulfill the requirements of “Barbie,” she has undergone procedures to change both her body form and her face features.

She neglected her health, frequently using surgeons and wearing a lot of makeup every day.

She appeared as a guest on numerous programmes, introducing herself to everyone.

However, as time passed she got incredibly sick and weary of her childhood dream and now Valeria looks like this.

She now favors “natural” makeup and, in the opinion of many, looks even attractive than before.

Despite the fact that she has changed, she still seems attractive.

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