Unforgettable Musical Showdown: Grammy Winner David Foster, Michael Bolton, and Seal Set the Stage on Fire!

David Foster, who has won the Grammy award 16 times, played the piano in a really memorable show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The place was packed with people, all the tickets were sold out! Foster shared the stage with Michael Bolton and Seal, and together they performed two songs: “When A Man Loves A Woman” and “It’s a Man’s World”.

During the show, Bolton sang the first song and he was amazing, showing off his incredible talent as one of America’s most versatile singers. But then, something unexpected happened.

Seal suddenly appeared on stage and interrupted Bolton’s performance. He decided to sing his own version of “It’s a Man’s World”. It was quite a surprise, but the audience loved it. They clearly enjoyed the spontaneous change in the performance, even though Bolton had done a fantastic job.

Throughout both performances, Foster, who is known for working with musicians like Michael BublĂ© and Rod Stewart, played the piano in the background. His piano skills added a lot to Bolton and Seal’s outstanding performances.

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