The well-known “Blue-eyed Twins” grew up and here is how they look now!

Even if twin birth is a common event, people are nonetheless attracted by it. Along with being identical twins, Megan and Morgan are highly renowned for having stunning eyes.

When they were four years old, their photo was published online. They quickly became well-known thanks to their turquoise eyes.

The unique appearance of these twins made headlines throughout Miruna without their consent, when usually parents like to show off pictures of their kids. More than 184,000 people follow them on Instagram right now.

Their mother, Stephanie, urged the girls to choose a nickname. She’s the one who gave their striking blue eyes the name “Blue Twins.”

By staring each of the women in the eyes, you may determine which is Megan and which is Morgan.

Morgan has a range of eye colors, compared to Megan’s two blue eyes. I can’t decide which of them I find more appealing; I think they both succeed.

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