Young Girl with Down Syndrome is turned down by 20 Families because of her condition… But then…

A decision that Luca Trapanese made around four years ago transformed his life permanently and gave him a sense of joy. Since then, he has lived a remarkable life with his daughter, who has special needs. The gay man was informed during the application process that individuals like him could only be qualified to adopt a kid with a disability or behavioral disorder.

He stated in his application that he was delighted to take in any child, regardless of their health status, and that he did not mind the clause. When he was ultimately paired with Alba, he was ecstatic beyond measure. He clarified:

“I had never held a newborn baby before. I had always been afraid before then. However, as soon as I held Alba, I realized I was prepared to be her father.

A young girl who was adopted in 2017 at the age of just 13 days by an Italian guy in his forties offered her the chance to have a family. He became the first gay single father in Italy to receive a legal adoption order as a result of the deed.

Twenty families reportedly turned down the young girl, Alba, before they took her in because of her impairment. Trapanese, who had experience working with persons with disabilities, was unfazed by the infant’s Down syndrome.

The father of one has undoubtedly discovered a new purpose and a life that is happy and fulfilling since accepting her into his life.

The man from Naples has been candid about his first meeting with the young child, whom he encountered a few days after her mother left her at a hospital because she had Down syndrome.

As soon as the system pronounced her eligible for adoption, no one expressed interest in the young child. After reviewing the rule prohibiting single parents in Italy from adopting, Trapanese—who had long wanted to be a father—applied for adoption months earlier.

The gay man was informed during the application process that individuals like him could only be qualified to adopt a child with a condition or behavioral disorders.

After receiving numerous rounds of advice and criticism from his two mothers as well as family friends, he eventually mastered parenting. The father appreciated Alba’s grandmothers for easing the transition into parenting for him.

Since then, hundreds of followers have flocked to Trapanese’s Instagram profile to see glimpses of him spending time with his young daughter as a result of his act of kindness, turning him into a social media star.

The father recalled losing his best friend to cancer when he was fourteen, which served as his inspiration to help those in need and build relationships with individuals who have special needs.

He started working with organizations that assist the disabled after the loss. He established A Ruota Onlus in 2007 with the goal of giving school-age disadvantaged persons a chance to socialize and develop their talents.

They would then be more prepared to assimilate into the community. He hoped that more people would come to embrace children with disabilities, treat them with respect, and provide them the same opportunities as other children.

While adopting a child with a disability is one approach to close that gap, prospective parents must think about a number of variables to ascertain whether they are ready to take on the lifelong commitment.

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