This 3-year-old’s performance is nothing you have seen before! Watch the video here!

Viewers may assume that the young child, who is perched on a stool and carrying drumsticks, will play his father’s drums for a while as the camera pans over to him. But it most definitely is not what is taking place.

Howard Wong, a 23-month-old boy who wants to be a musician, will also learn the guitar, bass, and keyboard in addition to the drums.

This child, who is almost 2 years old, has gained internet fame. In the background, a song starts to play, and Howard starts to play the percussion part. He maintains a flawless beat with superb and constant timing.

We don’t see him straying from the effect cymbals and the drum in front of him. He maneuvers between them while expertly gripping the chopsticks.

He appears to be totally concentrated on his drums and never skips a beat! This little boy, who is barely able to touch the floor of his stool with his feet, concludes the song with some powerful drum beats at the end of the video.

You don’t want to miss the incredible little solo he plays for us at the end, though!

He concentrates so hard on his performance when he’s playing that he can’t help but smile when it’s all over. As he hones his skills, you won’t want to miss this percussion prodigy. He is very talented! Please watch the following video in the interim until we hear from you.

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