A homeless man occasionally starves when left without food while daily feeding street cats…

The father we’re going to tell you about today has always been concerned about our younger brothers; he buys them meals each day even though he occasionally goes without food. Let’s tell as many people as we can about this tale and disseminate it.

Long Doom, a homeless man with a very unfortunate fate, currently resides in a Thai train station. But despite his own struggles, he always feeds and cares for stray cats.

He sells limes on the street each day so that he can at least have some money. There are times when the trade is successful and he has enough cash to buy himself food. But first, he goes out and buys food for his tail buddies because they are like family to him and he can’t bear to see them go without.

“I can go without food, but the cat needs to eat regularly. They wait for me every day and hope for me, he claims.

When a woman took a picture of this man in the street and uploaded it to social media, his story went viral. With the advertisement “20 Baht per bag, profit will cover the cost of feeding a stray cat,” he sells limes there.

His benevolence attracted a lot of admirers, and they started to assist him. While others brought cat food, some individuals intentionally went to him to buy all the limes.

A free haircut, brand-new clothes, and even a home to rent were once arranged for him by kind people. Nevertheless, he returned to the street since he couldn’t leave his kitties.

The website visitors say, “We shouldn’t judge somebody by their appearance.” “For instance, consider Lung Doom. Despite being homeless, he has a great heart.

The man encouraged many others all over the world to open their hearts to love, compassion, and assistance for those in need, whether they were people or stray animals, via his daily act of selflessness.

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