The wife started skipping showers and told her partner what she thought about it…

One teenager started taking showers only once a week as an experiment. She launched a blog where she discussed the advantages of her choice and simultaneously documented how her spouse responded.

Blogger Rain Drescoll claims that she initially chose to wash less frequently simply because she disliked taking showers a lot. There are only issues if you don’t prepare, then you have to go through all of these procedures while wearing scrubs, and your wet hair will take a very long time to dry.

Rain claims that by week two, her skin and hair had improved. The woman is of the opinion that taking a shower every day is good for supporting, first and foremost, the producers of gels and other detergents. The blogger’s comments include a certain amount of reason.

Professor Steven Shumak, a dermatologist, published a study demonstrating that daily showers were not required about three years ago. Furthermore, Shumak advised washing off with plain water because excessive usage of gels compromises the skin’s natural barrier of defense.

Rain informed his followers of his choice in this manner. Many people were curious to know her husband’s response to her new way of life. David could care less. Even my natural fragrance and appearance seem to appeal to him,” adds Rain.

Many dermatologists believe that taking a shower just three times a week is normal. Of course, it is best to follow water safety precautions during the summer and after physical exercise.

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