Granddaughter gives her grandma the best birthday present…

The family of a cherished grandma wanted to surprise her on her 75th birthday. Her granddaughter unexpectedly appeared in her office after a year of being away and gave her a hug.

Millions of families around the world are struggling as a result of the outbreak. While some families opted to stay together under quarantine, others were forced to do so due to pandemic rules.

During the epidemic, old Bonnie Pitman had to spend fourteen months apart from her grandson Franny and son David Gelles. Bonnie had been quite ill, according to her son David, and was unable to visit her grandkids.

David and Franny surprised the reminiscing granny as soon as pandemic protocols relaxed and Bonnie’s health started to get better.

When Grandma Bonnie met her granddaughter for the first time in 14 months at the age of 75, it was the greatest gift of her life.

The moving surprise was captured on film and touched people all around the world. Bonnie is seen in the video working from her home office when she spots a person approaching the door. She continues to call their names in amazement as she is startled to find her family.

Her face was already covered in her hands before Franny could even approach her grandmother. After being apart for so long, she began to cry and flush as if she were still processing what had happened.

The grandmother exclaimed, “I can’t believe it. Then Franny hurried to her sweetheart and gave her a hug. The sweetest reunion ever, it quickly went popular on social media.

Over 72,000 people liked David Gelles’ post, which received 5,225 retweets, 1,864 quote tweets, and. Many others made sure to participate in the discussion on Twitter.

David made sure to promote Feeding America, his daughter Franny’s favorite charity, after attracting thousands of viewers. She urged those who had been touched by their tale to contribute to the group’s efforts to end hunger in the nation.

They discussed how to spread the love even in the face of the pandemic, when many people could only dream of being reunited with their family.

One of the many lessons the pandemic has taught the globe is to appreciate our family. Before it’s too late, we should let everyone know how much we care for them because time is precious and it moves quickly.

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