This girl doesn’t experience pain, doesn’t require time to relax, and doesn’t feel hunger… Here is how she lives…

An uncommon 11-year-old English girl named Olivia Francworth. She may appear to be just like other kids at first, but this is not the case. She hasn’t experienced pain in fact since early childhood.

Although you might think this is cool, it’s not really like that. When the girl was just a few months old, her mother detected abnormalities in her: she hardly cried.

When Olivia was hit by a car and had an accident, she didn’t weep or yell for help; instead, she merely got up and asked her mother, “What happened?” Her mother shouted alongside her four other kids because she had just witnessed her daughter being hit with her own eyes. Parents rushed Olivia to the hospital out of fear.

Only abrasions and scratches were the significant injuries. But it was alarming that the girl showed no emotion at all in the wake of such a tragic event. She simply grinned, acting as if nothing had happened, although a typical youngster would have sobbed out of fear, shock, or pain.

A fascinating fact! Following the collision, the girl’s chest was marked by the car’s tires. The doctors informed Olivia’s parents that the only reason Olivia survived was because she was calm during the ordeal.

Everything else, though, was different. It was discovered in a nearby clinic that a wonderful girl is not pain-sensitive.

After a thorough examination at the hospital, it was discovered that Olivia had a rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the 6th chromosome. The girl behaves in such an odd way as a result of this.

She is not sensitive to pain, nor does she require a restful night’s sleep. Olivia is able to sleep for 4-5 hours without feeling exhausted. The same is true with food. A strange girl just consumes the amount of food her body requires.

Right now, the girl doesn’t think twice about her appearance and leads a typical existence.

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