A guy was confused for being Harry Potter and received free coffee… Here is what he looks like!

The prior Potter is no longer a presence.

The actor revealed how he was once confused for an unhoused man on “The Graham Norton Show.” The “Harry Potter” star strolled along with his canine companion and girlfriend. The child sat down and pet the dog as the actor’s friend entered the shop.

He explains, “I was wearing a T-shirt and a huge jacket, and the dog was freezing, so I decided to sit down and warm him up.

The actor received $5 from a young man who approached him and wrote, “Buy yourself a coffee, friend,” on the note he gave him.

Radcliffe claims to have been well-dressed, but the incident acted as a warning to him. Maybe he should shave more often, he reasoned. Right, at that moment the actor tried to blame the dog for what had happened. However, we are aware that the dog is not at fault for anything.

And who wouldn’t be uncomfortable? The prior Potter is no longer a presence. In the sixth movie, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” Radcliffe admits that he was frequently inebriated.

He often began drinking at a young age as a motivator and stress reliever. And even though the actor claims to have broken this unhealthy habit a long time ago, he does not appear to be in good health.

And those close to him attest to it. And it is unquestionably a warning, Radcliffe. Prior to it being too late, consider it.

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