For her 12th bday, this young makeup artist got herself a new BMW… Here is how she achieved it!

Nathan has already made more money than some grownups, who typically struggle to make ends meet.

Do you remember when you bought your first vehicle? You were probably neither 15 nor even 20. However, a 12-year-old Thai girl bought herself a brand-new BMW for her birthday.

Nathan has already made more money than some adults, who typically struggle to make ends meet. She may live a luxurious life because she has a bank account.

Despite her youth, Nathan is already an accomplished makeup artist. She has more than 34,000 Followers on social media and more than 800,000 Facebook fans. When the little girl began studying her chosen vocation at age 7, she quickly gained notoriety.

The girl gained so much notoriety that the BBC produced a documentary about her the year before. She became even more well-known after being chosen to perform cosmetics for London Fashion Week 2018. She appeared at a fashion show as the youngest professional. She was just eleven.

So, to celebrate her 12th birthday, Nathan gave herself a brand-new BMW.

She said in a Facebook post:

“It’s my birthday today! I’ll be 12 this year. I appreciate my supporters greatly and am very appreciative of what I have. Please accept my sincere gratitude and best wishes. I have the same wishes for you.

Many people have been perplexed by Nathan. Even in their 20s and beyond, not everyone can afford a car. Many people still play with dolls at this age. But everyone wished the child a happy birthday and encouraged her to keep working toward her goal.

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