“Coffee with milk” is how people refer to this adorable couple’s kids… Here is how they look…

The couple’s amazingly wonderful babies captured everyone’s attention.

Get to know this incredibly original and admirable couple. “Coffee with Milk” is a nickname for Jamie and Nikki, who made their network debut.

The reason for this is that despite the fact that the couples appear to be total opposites and are compatible with one another, everything is explained by the distinctive color of their skin.

When the couple’s gorgeous baby was born, internet users began to become more interested in the strange couple.

The youngest heiress is only a few months old, while the oldest was born two years ago.

It goes without saying that the adorable and endearing kids of this unusual marriage are already Internet celebrities who wow everyone with their specialness and unrealistic beauty.

The newborns are, without a doubt, extraordinary, and it’s unlikely that anyone could resist their beauty.

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