Most people cannot solve this and get the right answer… Can you?

The internet users were in a race against each other to see who could solve this brainteaser the quickest.

We will offer a solution to the problem. Always the same. But why not give this a try yourself first?

Therefore, we compute the numerical values of the fruits; this is an essential, albeit straightforward step:

• An apple represents seven (7), so 5+7=12

• However, in order to acquire this 7, you will need to carry out the following action: 1+6=7

• As was previously established, 3 bananas equals 6 in total. So, 1 banana = 2.

• According to the reasoning behind the decision, an apple is equivalent to the number 7, and a grape is equivalent to the number 12.

• The answer sequence will look somewhat like this: 7+12+2 = 21

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