This baby was born with a unique birthmark and here is how he looks after 6 years…

The protagonist of this lovely story is a young child who was born with a special mark to show his connection to love.

Even on his birthday, his dad tried to get rid of it since he thought it was simply dirt and didn’t realize it was a birthmark.

Therefore, the baby boy’s distinguishing mark stunned everybody at the hospital.

The kid, who is now six years old, is known by the name Chinar.

He matured into a cherished and popular young guy for all.

Over time, his heart-shaped scar became larger.

He is now so well-known that residents rush to take his photo when they see him.

When he was born, the doctors predicted the spot would disappear when he turned 6.

Even though he is already six years old, the mark only makes him cuter and more distinctive.

Additionally, he cannot imagine himself without the wonderful heart on his forehead, neither can his family or even close acquaintances.

Like a marker and a crucial component of his alluring physical attributes.

In addition, Chinar is a charming young man with a good heart, excellent manners, and an honest character.

He stands for both his class and his family’s pride.

He always helps the other kids and wishes for a wonderful, fair society where everyone can live.

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