See Jessica Simpson’s current appearance after she dropped from 108 to 45 kg…

Jessica Simpson, a competitor of pop princess Britney Spears, was one of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrities in the early 2000s.

But after giving birth to three kids, her weight alarmingly rose to 240 lbs.

Jessica made the decision to act after realizing she couldn’t go on like this and worked arduously to shed many kg.

Jessica still received a lot of criticism on social media despite her efforts since many users thought she was too skinny.

The singer has mastered the art of ignoring these naysayers; in fact, she once performed the inspiring song “I don’t care about you” live on television.

She acknowledged that the ongoing criticism still affects her, though.

Jessica not only went through the weight loss process, but she also beat her alcohol addiction.

She acknowledged that her lack of self-love and self-respect, which she has now acquired, was the real issue, not the drinking.

Jessica serves as an illustration of someone who overcame adversity and succeeded.

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