This kid became the winner on Wild Hair Day… Here is what it looked like!

Both men and women enjoy their hair, which is common. The tragedy of being bald will be quite distressing.

Although the toddler understood the concept, her kindly mother gave her the most outlandish haircut she could manage on the school’s official “crazy hair day.”

At the age of 7, Gianessa Wride lived with her mother Daniella for a whole year. Daniella saw the thinning and the bald spot, which was the size of a quarter, while she brushed her daughter’s hair.

Gianessa’s hair lost all of it after a few weeks. Dr. Gianessa has been informed that she has autoimmune alopecia.

Mom and daughter received prescriptions for powerful topical, injectable, and oral steroids. Daniella refused, wanting to protect her child from the therapy’s potential risks.

She was able to accept her physical and mental health after meeting Daniella. The students heard from Salem, Utah nurse Daniella about her family’s experience with alopecia.

She warned Gianessa’s peers to be on the lookout for bullies who might not understand the gravity of her daughter’s predicament.

Daniella was inspired to make her child’s clothing after picking up some jewel-shaped stickers while shopping. Gianessa’s head was adorned by Daniella with stickers of owls and flowers.

Gianessa’s extravagant hairstyle helped her win first place that day. She felt relieved that despite losing her hair, she is still the same person.

Gianessa emphasizes the importance of accepting and embracing oneself despite the disease in her role as a trainer for persons with alopecia.

I’ve gotten a few emails with images of folks who have alopecia. Her encouragement helped the kids feel more valuable, which was to their advantage.

Daniella continued by adding she hoped people would leave with a message of optimism and the knowledge that they are beautiful regardless of their circumstances or appearance.

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