This grandma’s life was impacted by her decision to travel the world instead of looking after her grandkids…

A 60-year-old Brazilian woman named Josefa took the decision to travel the world to fulfill her grandmother’s dream of seeing it all.

Her story went viral a few months ago after she decided to skip taking care of her grandchildren in order to achieve her main goal: traveling to as many countries as she could.

The woman routinely shares photos of her travels on social media, and she has been to several cities in more than 40 countries throughout the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Her photographs are inspiring a number of other young women to follow their goals. Her grandmother preferred to visit her own Brazil rather than Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru when she traveled around Latin America.

“Now here I go, honoring the girl who always wanted to be a traveler,” she wrote in her post from Bogotá. While traveling, Josefa has engaged in a range of activities, such as aggressive swinging and actually seeing the Middle of the World monument in Quito, Ecuador.

Granny has tried a variety of delicacies and learned about the cultures and traditions of many different societies besides her own.

The Brazilian woman remarked, “If there is something that gives me pleasure, it is learning about other cultures; diverse ways of living and being in the world,” when she arrived at Lake Titicaca, which is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia.

She continues to share photos, stories from her travels, and inspirational quotations with her more than 25,000 Instagram followers as a continual reminder that she made the best choice for her.

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