Actress Rebel Wilson talked about meeting Meghan Markle and her initial thoughts on her, calling her “not that cool at all.”

There are many rumors concerning Meghan Markle’s personality.

Naturally, Prince Harry discusses his wife the most. He asserts that the actress is wise and kind, qualities that helped him recognize and solve his problems.

The Duchess of Sussex’s friends have the same viewpoint. She is genuinely thought of by many of them as being incredibly kind, sensitive, and compassionate.

Different opinions are made by Markle’s former employees. It is well known that Prince William and Prince Harry’s initial argument centered on Megan’s poor rapport with the staff, who either departed or filed several complaints.

The Duke of Sussex liked to make an effort to keep employees by using his charm. He did not, however, always succeed in doing this.

Actress Rebel Wilson has now made the decision to voice her thoughts on meeting Markle. They allegedly met in Santa Barbara, California, according to her. Meghan was with Harry at the time, and the actress was accompanied by her mother.

“She’s not at all cool. And you can’t describe her as being “warm,” Rebel insisted in an interview.

She went on to say that remarks made by Wilson’s mother might have contributed to Markle’s attitude. “But, maybe it was all because of my mother, who questioned her in a mildly offensive manner and about unimportant matters. For example, she questioned where her children were with Harry,” the celebrity recalled.

Yet Rebel had only wonderful emotions from the prince. She highlighted that in real life, he turned out to be an even more charming person than she thought.

The actress said, “I can’t think of a nicer person,” in a brief statement. Later, she repeated “Harry is lovely” several times.

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