As the duration of Monica Bellucci’s relationship with her new lover came to light, many were astounded by her choice of actress…

The 58-year-old Monica Bellucci is content with her new beau and has found love once more. One of the actress’ pals provided this information to the Mirror edition.

In addition, this book’s beginning was a while ago.

It turned out that Monica is seeing Tim Burton, a director who is 64 years old. Although their relationship has been on for four months, they have met without drawing attention to themselves.

At the same time, Monica and Tim were occasionally spotted together at the start of their romance. But, no one ever considered the romantic character of these encounters.

Bellucci and Burton do, after all, appear like the most incredible couple.

In actuality, Bellucci merely personifies glamour. She occasionally even gives the impression of being from Hollywood’s bygone heyday.

Tim is also a highly ostentatious person and director, with his perpetually unruly hair. He is the creator of numerous mystical or fairy-tale movies, many of which are mildly spooky.

However, Monica and Burton started dating. Despite having known one other for a long time, their relationship didn’t start until October of last year, when they reconnected at the Lyon Film Festival, where Bellucci gave him a prize for his contribution to cinema.

The two of them then went to a festival event together.

Remember that Monica’s relationship with Tim was her first after a protracted absence. After all, she split from her husband and the father of her two girls, Vincent Cassel, in 2013.

And the young artist Nicolas Lefebvre, with whom she had one romantic relationship following the divorce, split up four years ago in 2019.

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