Aubree Lind-DeBoer, Chelsea Houska’s first child, is developing quickly… Here is how she looks!

Former star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, Chelsea DeBoer (née Houska), is a devoted mother to her four kids, including daughter Aubree Lind, whom she had with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

In September 2009, Chelsea and Adam brought Aubree into the world, however their marriage was short-lived; it ended during the second season of 16 and Pregnant.

Chelsea was committed to bringing up her baby and giving her a secure home life despite the difficulties of being a young mother.

Yet as her celebrity increased and her private life became more well known, she started to worry about Aubree’s privacy and the effect reality television was having on her daughter.

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer, who are now married, declared in November 2020 that they would be quitting Teen Mom 2, with worries over Aubree’s privacy playing a significant role in their decision.

As Chelsea explained in an interview with E! News on March 7, 2023, she continues to be very protective of Aubree’s online persona and is hesitant to give her daughter access to Instagram despite peer pressure.

Chelsea’s commitment as a mother is demonstrated by her choice to put Aubree’s safety and privacy first.

Chelsea’s dedication to her family is wonderful and an encouragement to other parents, even though it may not always be simple to make unpopular choices or keep her kids out of the spotlight.

Aubree is obviously surrounded by love and support from her parents and siblings as she celebrates her 12th birthday.

Although she may not have had the same childhood as her friends, she is fortunate to have parents who value her wellbeing and are prepared to make sacrifices to keep her happy and secure.

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