Irina Shayk’s daughter is starting to resemble her father Bryant Cooper more and more…

Bradley Cooper was recently captured by paparazzi while out and about in New York City with Lea, his five-year-old daughter by Irina Shayk.

Also, the pictures that were taken and shared online assisted the fans in settling the debate over whether the girl looked more like her mother or father.

Cooper was seen by photographers holding his daughter Lea’s hand when they were walking side by side.

Bradley is generally a model father, as he demonstrated. Bradley never ignores his parental duties.

He also manages to arrange his workday so that he always takes Irina’s place when she travels for business.

Cooper devotes all of his time to his daughter while she flits between fashion shows. Bradley stayed with her kid while Irina was away on a plane for a fashion week in Paris.

If Lea’s parents’ appearance was ever in question, as the people who viewed the photos observed, it is now clear as time goes on since the more she resembles her father.

Keep in mind that Cooper has frequently acknowledged that becoming a father brought about a new stage in his life, drastically altering it and making him entirely content.

He even succeeded in reestablishing cordial connections with his daughter’s mother for the sake of his child.

Yet, when Shayk parted ways with Cooper in 2019, they didn’t even exchange words. But eventually, things got better.

Also, the former common-law partners have grown closer over the past year, leading admirers to believe that they would get back together as a couple.

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