He got some candy in return for returning a check for almost $5 million…

Sometimes a favor is so vital that it makes sense to assume that you’ll get something equally valuable in return. This would serve as incentive to conduct more good deeds since millions of dollars were about to be lost.

Of course, you should always conduct yourself honorably without expecting payment. A man in Germany discovered a check from the Haribo firm, a big confectionery producer in much of Europe, for at least $4.8 million.

The fortunate man could have easily changed it, but his morals forbade him from doing so. Instead, he called the business and requested that they return the check. Fortunately, it was found by a kind individual who called the offices right away to let them know about his find.

He was given instructions to destroy the bank records, and he was to send photos to prove compliance. It was clear that the people of Haribo weren’t overly concerned.

The man received six shipments of Dr. Haribo gummies a short while afterwards. Even if they are incredibly excellent, the fact that they recently did such a tremendous favor made them seem “quite philanthropic” in the company.

Yet, there was no way that the effects from using Haribo products could have been so bad. This honorable man admitted with a hint of guilt that he had actually expected anything other than gummies.

Twitter users have praised the company’s “generosity” and this citizen’s good deed, but the truth is that it would not have cost them anything to offer him a bigger award.

The respectable man will also reflect on what he could have accomplished had he cashed the check while gumming his gum.

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