While mom gave birth to twins, nobody thinks they are related. It’s a genetic joke and has nothing to do with character…

No one believes the girl’s claims that she gave birth to twins. Parents were happy to have two new additions to the family, but when they saw the baby for the first time, the mother started crying.

Even the obstetrician who delivered the infant did not recognize the newborn twins as siblings right away, despite the fact that they were both perfectly healthy.

Throughout the 23-year-old Dorian Johnson’s pregnancy from Williamsburg, Virginia, young parents delighted in the family’s replenishment. Despite the fact that the infants were essentially identical to one another, the girl was unable to control her tears when she first saw the long-awaited twins at the maternity hospital.

With one exception: the second child was born an albino, but the first son had the same dark skin tone as his parents.

The young mother started crying as she regretted that one of the kids was born with a genetic disorder. She loves Zachary and Zavid equally, but she also realizes that she and her son will encounter misunderstandings from society on a daily basis.

Every time Dorian takes her two-year-old twins to the shop or to the playground, she is asked the same question by complete strangers: why did she choose to adopt a white child when she already has a boy who is one in one like her and the same age, which is not native?

It hurts for a girl to hear such remarks, just as it hurts for any mother who loves her children equally.

I interpret that negatively because I don’t like it when people judge Zavid, my husband, and I based solely on the color of our skin. Every day, I have to defend myself and my son. This is a common kind of discrimination, but racism nonetheless.

The mother of the odd twin sons talks to her boys a lot. She helps them get ready for their own lives, where they will need to be kind to one another and not hurt each other. Little Envy is referred to as “the golden child” by her, underscoring how unique he is.

Because it will benefit him later in life, I want Zavid to understand that he is unique. I want him to be so in love with himself that he doesn’t give a damn what people think. The most important thing is that he loves himself and that we all love him.

The Johnson family’s neighbors are aware of the brothers’ close friendship and their ability to communicate without words because they are twins.

This provides parents encouragement that their sons’ unique relationship will benefit them when it comes time for them to start kindergarten and later, school.

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