Many were perplexed when Chris Hemsworth displayed a photo of his mother. A 60-year-old woman was mistaken for their younger sibling…

Chris Hemsworth, actor of Thor and The Avengers, posted a photo of his mother in honor of her birthday, but many people don’t believe it’s his mother.

After all, the actor’s mother is strangely resemblant to her daughter-in-law Elsa Pataky while also seeming too young for her 60 years.

On November 15, Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor best known for portraying the thunder and lightning god Thor in the Marvel movies Thor and The Avengers, shared a photo from his mother Leonie Hemsworth’s birthday on Instagram.

Chris wished the birthday girl a happy anniversary and included images from the occasion in the message.

Leonie, 60, is seen in the photo standing next to Chris, her son, and a dog while wearing a flower wreath. I love you, mom, happy 60th birthday to the world’s best mother.

The mother and son are photographed closer in the subsequent images in the carousel of the actor’s post and are already without sunglasses.

Internet users may now see Leonie and Chris more clearly. Fans of Thor are envious of his mother’s appearance. The fact that the woman is 60 years old baffles them.

Well, she’s 60 now? She appears very young for real! It resembles your sister. Are you serious? She is 60! Cannot be…
She resembles a younger sister.

God, oh God. I initially believed she was your wife. Others on Twitter are also in disbelief that Chris Hemsworth’s mother, who is 60 years old, looks so young.

Users of social media sought to determine whether Chris’s sister Leonie or his wife, the actress Elsa Pataky, still resembled Leonie.

Chris Hemsworth’s mother and him. They have a brother and sister look. Chris Hemsworth is accustomed to updating his fans on family-related happenings.

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