The girl stays out of the sun, which is not simply a trend: She takes pride in her illness…

Olivia, age 11, suffers with the highly odd hereditary condition pigment xeroderma, which casts a shadow over her life.
This condition, which is based on heightened sensitivity to UV radiation, is genetic.

The bare minimum of particular enzymes, and occasionally their entire absence, are in charge of cell repair in the skin of a person with such a disease. Olivia just so happened to be a carrier of this illness.

An average person’s skin can be repaired after being exposed to UV radiation by his body. Yet, Olivia’s DNA has a flaw that prevents the repair from taking place. Her body is trying, but nothing comes out, the girl’s mother Jody said.

The girl must frequently go through physical exams.

Olivia’s family adjusted their normal lifestyle to all of her daughter’s needs in order to keep Olivia’s health and condition under control.

Olivia’s parents put up special window films that block out harmful rays, and a young British woman actually dresses from head to toe when she walks outside.

All exposed skin should be covered with clothing, sunburn treatment should be used every few hours, and a UV meter should always be carried by the girl.

Olivia had to cover up all exposed flesh before heading outside.

Olivia herself is persistent. She complies with all doctor’s recommendations and her parents’ directives, who are making every effort to get the girl better.

I feel distinctive since I have xeroderma. Only approximately a hundred British have this illness, which is really uncommon, Olivia acknowledged.

She believes she is special.

Olivia had the ability to change her perspective and make the most of a very terrible disease.

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