Claudia Schiffer, 51, published an unedited “honest” photo… Check it out here!

One of the most renowned models in the world and Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration was Claudia Schiffer.

She is credited with starting the blonde model era in the fashion business. The 51-year-old celebrity still looks fantastic and can show it on social media, despite the fact that she is no longer on the podium.

So the model recently shared two pictures of herself wearing a bikini. The photographs’ small flaws and aging effects are obvious because the celebrity did not edit them.

And the supporters were only pleased. They said that Claudia looks fantastic and hardly ever needs Photoshop.

“Such a beauty,” “What a relief to see a lady who loves her body even with little defects,” “Claudia, you are stunning,” and “All these freckles, spots, and pigmentation – I believe it’s very feminine.” Internet users are open about their feelings.

Schiffer, incidentally, follows the same fundamental guidelines that virtually all age models emphasize: healthy eating, consistent exercise, and sunscreen.

Claudia also mentioned numerous times that she makes an effort to wear as little makeup as possible every day. This is undoubtedly the best choice for her in this situation.

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