The most beautiful lady in the world is going to be hired as a cashier in a supermarket…

Marie Helvin, a former supermodel, will turn 70 shortly, but she cannot afford to retire.

In addition, the ex-lover of the brother of the Duchess of Cornwall may begin to grasp the duties of a cashier despite a once-glamourous profession in the fashion sector.

This was a topic Marie discussed on the Third Act podcast.

Helvin can now see why Jerry Hall, a model and Mick Jagger’s ex-wife, suggested that she ask her partners for jewelry.

“Jerry never got why I wasn’t interested in jewels. She was a diamond diva. for the a. She remarked, “I regret not taking her advise.

The model, who was once referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” explained that the epidemic was the cause of her financial difficulties.

The 1970s icon, however, has no intention of turning to her ex-husband for assistance. She is resolved to support herself independently.

“I had to accept the possibility that my modeling career was ending. But be clear: these are not words of self-pity. When I mention that I can begin working at a store, people seem horrified, which I truly don’t understand, Marie remarked.

The ex-wife of renowned fashion photographer David Bailey also said that she was unconcerned at all about her precarious financial status.

Nonetheless, she continues to lament selling the precious vintage garments that Yves Saint Laurent and numerous other couturiers gave her at the beginning of their careers.

While Marie was raised in Hawaii, she was born in Tokyo.

The girl was chosen as the face of Kanebo cosmetics at the age of 15. She then relocated to London four years later, where she later met her future husband while working on a Vogue photo shoot.

The model served as the photographer’s inspiration for ten years before the couple wed in 1975.

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