The young man skipped his wedding, but the bride made the choice to continue, adding mystery in the process…

She celebrated in a big way, even though her partner dumped her the same day without explanation.

One of many people’s most important life goals is to walk down the aisle with the one they love. They are so eager for that moment to come. But, not everyone feels unbridled joy when they are getting married.

Some people decide not to get married on the wedding day, leave the reception early, or just fail to show up at all, leaving their partner distraught and uncertain. This is precisely what occurred to the girl whose boyfriend was supposed to propose but never showed up.

British woman Kayley Stead, then 27 years old and soon to be married, awoke one morning with a lot of hallucinations. On that same day, her partner decided to split up with her, but instead of telling her, he simply disappeared.

Kayley didn’t want that day to have a lasting bad impact on her. Even though there may not have been a husband, she cut the wedding cake and gave her first dance.

The girl’s family, her friends, and the other partygoers who supported her at all times helped to make the event special for her. As expected, Kayley wanted to party and have a great time.

The girl claimed that because the other person had genuinely exploited her, she had chosen the best decision possible. We all know how much time and money goes into organizing a wedding, so Kayley didn’t want all her efforts to organize the perfect wedding to be in vain.

As she revealed her decision to her pals, they were visibly amazed and promised to support her. They contributed to the joyous atmosphere by joining her in her celebration.

They even went a step further and started a GoFundMe campaign to generate money in order for Kayley to pay for all party costs. The young woman was escorted by the groomsmen and their bridesmaids as she arrived to Lizzo’s song “Good as Hell.”

The conventional wedding events still took place even though they didn’t go as planned. She cut the cake and had a great time with her guests. Everyone wanted her to be happy. Since that day, the man has not been heard from.

It looks that he has disappeared off the face of the earth after several attempts by several persons close to him to contact him to speak with him have been ineffective.

Her boyfriend’s father told her that he wouldn’t go and that he would never return. Like the young man, the bridegroom’s family was conspicuously missing and declined to explain their absence.

We attempted to contact him, but he hasn’t gotten back to us, and there is no reason. I have not received an explanation because it has been so long, not that I would want one.

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