Jennifer Aniston’s dating choices and taste in men are made fun of by Adam Sandler…

It is well known that Jennifer Aniston is now unmarried. Brad Pitt, who had been married to her for a while, eventually divorced her in favor of Angelina Jolie.

Afterwards, the actress discovered happiness in Justin Theroux’s arms. The couple planned a wedding ceremony, but they never had a legal marriage.

And the actors split up in 2017. Yet, as it became obvious later, Justin and Jennifer were able to keep their friendship alive; they still talk frequently.

Aniston claims that sharing such a personal life tale with her coworker on set, Adam Sandler, was quite entertaining. They collaborated on the soon-to-be-released movie “Murder Mystery 2.”

Jennifer took the decision to talk about how Adam made fun of her on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

It was discovered that Sandler and Aniston have been friends for a very long time. Jimmy was naturally curious about the counsel that famous people have offered to one another throughout the years.

Well, the only counsel I ever get from him is, “What are you doing?!” Jennifer recalled, mocking Adam’s statement, “And it’s generally based on who I’m dating.

What’s wrong with you, what are you doing? Aniston mimicked the performer.

Jennifer also emphasized that their relationships have been very cordial and friendly for a long time.

Aniston claims that Sandler has always stood out for being a genuinely kind and amiable person.

He frequently neglects to care for himself because he is too busy taking care of everyone else. I enjoy looking after him, so,” the actress said.

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