The girl has lost 200 kg and is now nearly 4 times smaller. This is how she looks…

You know, it often happens for someone to constantly bemoan their weight while making no efforts to alter it other than to keep sitting on the couch and eating sandwiches.

That’s exactly what happened with Nikki, our day’s heroine.

The child claimed that she has always enjoyed eating a lot and has never hesitated to request vitamins.

When she started having problems with her schoolmates, she also “became hooked” on sweets as a stress reliever.

The parents, who shared this belief, thought the girl would grow out of it, the hormonal environment would change, and everything would be great.

That didn’t, however, proceed that way. And Nikki reached her peak weight of 300 kg at the age of 34!

Of obviously, the girl’s wellbeing was at stake.

She contacted the “I weigh 300 kg” program, where professionals help clients shed additional weight.

A surgery to reduce the child’s stomach was an option, but she would have to lose at least 20 kg before that.

Exact three months passed.

After her operation, Nikki was quite worried that her appetite would not subside and she would start gaining back the weight she had lost.

She was able to shed 100 kilograms with the aid of psychologists, nevertheless, by reining down her food and tying exercise to it.

Sadly, the girl’s appearance was impacted by her weight loss as well because there was a lot of sagging skin.

She still lost 25 kg since she underwent surgery to remove excess skin after lowering her weight to 160 kilos.

No longer is Nikki Webster recognizable. She currently has 90 kilograms on her.

She maintains a healthy diet and does not exhibit any self-pity when working out, so this is not the end of it.

A move like this improved her health, gave her more self-assurance, and made organizing her personal life simpler.

Nikki is a contentedly married woman with a lot of goals for the future.

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