These quintuplets are now 3 years old and here is how they look!

For any parent, the moment their baby is born is a magical time. It’s a happy period full with enthusiasm and anticipation.

But for other people, the road to parenting can be a difficult one that is paved with hardships and heartache. One such pair was Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov.

The couple had been trying to become pregnant for years, but each pregnancy had ended in miscarriage.

The couple started to lose hope that they would ever be parents as Anastasia started to blame herself for their infertility.

They had no idea how their fantasy was about to materialize, though.

2017’s summer brought Anastasia’s second pregnancy, which she learned about.

This time, the pregnancy was successfully maintained for up to 32 weeks, to the delight of the couple.

They did not anticipate learning that they will give birth to not four, but five children, though.

Alexander and Anastasia were shocked by the news, but they were overjoyed to become parents to five adorable children.

They chose to accept their new position as quintuplets’ parents rather than allowing the additional responsibilities to overwhelm them.

Being a parent is never simple, but for the Merkulovs, it was particularly difficult.

Anastasia underwent a horrific cesarean procedure, and doctors battled to preserve her life.

She persisted, healed, and was determined to care for her five babies with her husband’s help.

How the couple handled having to take care of five babies was a question they were constantly asked.

At the beginning, Anastasia made do on her own, with help from her husband after work.

Alexander scheduled a trip to help his wife later when the kids started to crawl, demonstrating his devotion and dedication as a father.

Five lovely children have now been born to Alexander and Anastasia, three years after the birth of their quintuplets.

Their love and devotion for their children has only grown greater as a result of the many difficulties and hardships they overcame to become parents.

The story of the Merkulovs serves as a reminder that being a parent is not just about genetics, but also about love, commitment, and dedication.

Each challenge may be overcome with the correct attitude and help.

Their undying love and dedication to each other and their children is demonstrated by the birth of their quintuplets.

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