Both of them look like teenagers, however…

Kennedy Rian, a 15-year-old Utahn who goes by the handle Ken.rian on TikTok, posts short videos in which she sings along to American hit songs.

Even still, DailyStar reports, her mother Chelsea D’Amico deserves a lot of credit for helping her amass more than 52,000 followers despite the content’s simplicity.

Kennedy’s followers were unaware of Chelsea D’Amico’s appearance for a long time until her daughter shared a video on April 19 in which she wished her mother a happy birthday.

Mother, happy birthday. I cherish you.

It was difficult to tell which of the two girls was the mother and which was the daughter because they were both standing in front of the camera while hiding their faces.

The daughter made people break their heads when she showed her mother. Despite having an 18-year age difference between them, it is impossible to tell them apart.

The video’s heroines’ twinlike resemblance didn’t become more obvious after they let go of their hands.

Given that Chelsea D’Amico is 18 years older than Kennedy, the mother of 33, it is quite difficult to accept that the mother and daughter are not actually sisters.

Try to identify distinctions between the two girls by looking at them both in this location.

A few days later, Kennedy shared another video with her mother, and this time there is even less of a difference between the two of them.

Users of TikTok were perplexed and unable to determine where Kennedy and Chelsea were.

Who is the mother, you ask? I utterly fail to comprehend. Mom, who are you?
They also suggested that Kennedy most likely showed them her sibling.

Is it your mother or sister, then? I’m perplexed.

She appears to be similar to your sister.
Wow! You two resemble sisters. Both are excellent!

However, the girl claims that her mother is actually in the video. Their resemblance astounds Kennedy herself and confuses the technique. Rian asserts that Chelsea can use the facial scanner to unlock her phone.

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