The brave 21-year-old mom gave birth and stunned the medical professionals: Look at what she did!

When Tomitris Kolins of the United States got pregnant with her daughter Tyler Elise, she was 21 years old. The girl’s boyfriend recently dumped her, claiming he didn’t need a child. Yet she didn’t let her smile fade away.

Isn’t the fact that she would soon become a mother happy? even if she is a sole parent. Always wanting to set a good example for her child, Tomitris.

Every three minutes, the girl went through excruciating spasms, but the young student seemed unfazed. The birth actually took place on the day of the psychology exam. In the USA, it is not possible to retake such online exams.

If not now, when? You won’t be eligible if you fail the test. Tomitris tried her best to ignore the discomfort and focus on the test.

While Colins was halfway finished with her exam, this picture was already being taken during labor. This picture is currently becoming viral on the internet.

One can only admire this young girl’s determination. Tomitris declares, “I am a young mother, but this does not indicate that I am a bad mother.

The message of this young girl is that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, even while holding a child in your arms. Now that he has a degree and credentials, Colins dedicates his entire attention to his child, relishing every second of existence.

It’s incredible how resilient this woman is at only 20 years old. She will undoubtedly always provide a good example for her daughter.

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