A man who has been singing on the subway for 37 years makes an appearance on Got Talent…

Talent can occasionally be discovered in the most unexpected locations, like the New York subway. Although we don’t know a lot about Mike Yung, we are aware of his incredible voice.

Everyone was moved out of their chairs by the performance in the video down below. He said that he was fifty years old and had been performing in the New York subway for 37 years when he walked on stage.

He must have struggled with that constantly, yet he looked to be happy with what he had been doing. It was most likely included in popular Facebook videos that were filmed in New York City subway stations.

After performing there for around 37 years, Mike Yung is now finally showcasing his talent on America’s Got Talent. Success comes from what you do. Before starting to sing “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers, Mike declared, “There’s no greater stage, and there’s no better place to be right now.

Howie and Simon admired Mike’s soul and even the “roughness” Heidi noticed in his voice, despite the fact that she thought it was present. Since Mel B rejected Mike because he felt that he was “losing” something, Heidi was given control over Mike’s future.

The people clapped for Heidi to accept Mike, and she did! See for yourself the talent of this man by taking a look. Post your thoughts in the comments area below.

Here is the video:

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