Evelyn Williams is a 81-year-old woman who won Talent’s golden button… Watch her performance here!

The judges at Ireland’s Got Talent questioned the great-presence grandmother’s when the charming 81-year-old Evelyn Williams was led onto the stage. What could she possibly pull off for him? Both the crowd and the judges were in awe as Evelyn opened her mouth and started to sing “Send in the Clowns” by Stephen Sondheim.

She had an impact on the judges as well as the general audience. To congratulate her, the entire jury stood up. In fact, when judge Michelle Visage pushed the golden button, the contestant was showered in confetti and advanced directly to the semifinals.

Evelyn made an appearance on the program with her grandchild, who inspired Evelyn to try her luck. Additionally present was her closest pal.

Even though they were directly aware of Evelyn’s incredible performance, they were still in disbelief at the reception she received. They could see how riveted the crowd was by hearing about their beloved Evelyn.

Watch the following video to witness the outstanding performance of an 8-year-old girl, which is genuine merit. How would you rate her performance? Have you ever seen anything comparable? Comment with your thoughts in the space below!

Here is the video:

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